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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Sabah 2015

Sabah 2015
From 2014 Squads (9 players)
1Rosdin Wasli26.06.198233-
2Ezaidy Khadar17.01.198332Local Import
3Julamri Muhammad18.10.198530-
4Alto Linus25.09.198629-
5Fadzli Paat (GK)27.11.198728Local Import
6Irwan Jamil (GK)29.07.198827-
7Leopold Alphonso09.06.199124-
8Rozaimi Rahman11.06.199223-
9Didie Arizal28.12.199223-
Promoted (4 players)
10Jenius Karib27.03.199322President Cup
11Maxsius Musa21.05.199322President Cup
12Badrul Affendy01.09.199322President Cup
13Endre Tipay (GK)15.09.199322President Cup
Comeback (2 players)
14Zuraindey Jumai30.03.198035Kedah
15Hardy Parsi10.04.198728Johor DT II
Transfer IN (10 players)
16Abdoulaye Faye26.02.197837Senegal 
(Foreign Import)
17El Hadj Diouf15.01.198134Senegal 
(Foreign Import)
18R. Surendran26.10.198233ATM 
(Local Import)
19Eamon Zayed04.10.198332Libya 
(Foreign Import)
20Khairi Kiman03.03.198431Perak 
(Local Import)
21Shafuan Adli Saari11.12.198530PKNS 
(Local Import)
22Shafiq Jamal12.12.198728Sime Darby 
(Local Import)
23Izuan Salahudin23.11.199025Sime Darby 
(Local Import)
24M. Yoganathan30.05.199124Perak 
(Local Import)
25Abdul Taufiq HaqTBA27Cebagoo 
U-21 Players- Registered under President Cup (1 player)
26Azizan Nordin03.07.199421President Cup
27Rawilson Batuil29.04.199421President Cup
New player signed in April Transfer Window 
28Joel Chianese15.02.199025Australia
(Foreign Import)
29Rozaimi Azwar24.01.199322Kelantan
(Local Import)
30Faizol Nazlin27.10.199223Kelantan
(Local Import)
Transfer OUT (14 players)
1Zainizam Marjan11.05.198035DYS FC
2Dendy Lowa31.05.199223TBD
3Sabri Sahar01.09.199223Sarawak
4Srecko Mitrovic17.02.198431Tampines Rovers 
5Redzuan Nawi02.06.198629Penang
6Isma Alif22.02.198728TBD
7Shahrul Chankui N/AN/ATBD
8Marwan Sayedeh 02.05.198332TBD
9Jerome Doe09.07.199124TBD
10Rexjeson Pitrus13.10.199223Malacca United
11Fazrul ImanN/AN/ATBD
12Predrag Pocuca 24.01.198629Tampines Rovers
13Reithaudin Emran05.08.197837TBD
14Farid Ideris06.04.198232TBD
Loan OUT (1 player)
Transfer OUT in April Transfer WIndow
16Abdul Taufiq HaqTBA27Malacca United
17M. Yoganathan30.05.199124Real Mulia


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