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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Sabahan players who playing outside Sabah

2019 Season
No              Name                         D.O.B                         Team         Latest season 
with Sabah
Super League ( No Info Yet)
Premier League
1Bobby Gonzales15.02.1984Sarawak2012
2Rozaimi Abd Rahman11.06.1992JDT II2015

2018 Season
No              Name                         D.O.B                         Team         Latest season 
with Sabah
Super League
1Shahrul Azhar 15.09.1985PKNS FC2013
2Muhammad Mohd Safar10.01.1992PKNP FC2016
Premier League
3Bobby Gonzales15.02.1984Sarawak2012
4Rozaimi Abd Rahman11.06.1992JDT II2015
FAM League
5Ronny Harun19.01.1984PJ Rangers2012
6Didie Arizal28.12.1992PJ Rangers2015
7Masran Masri18.02.1996PJ Rangers2017
8Rusmanizam Roseland11.10.1993MarcerraN/A

2019 Premier League

2019 Premier League
102/02JDT 2 (H)---
208/02Kelantan (A)---
316/02T'ganu 2 (H)---
423/02Sarawak (A)---
502/03PDRM (H)---
609/03N9 (A)---
729~31/03Penang (H)---
805~07/04S'gor Utd (A)---
912~14/04UiTM (H)---
1019~21/04UKM (H)---
1126~28/04Perlis (A)---
1202~04/05S'gor Utd (H)---
1312~15/05Perlis (H)---
1417~18/05UKM (A)---
1524~26/05Penang (A)---
1614~16/06N9 (H)---
1718~19/06PDRM (A)---
1825~26/06Sarawak (H)---
1905~07/07JDT 2 (A)---
2009~10/07UiTM (A)---
2112~14/07Kelantan (H)---
2219~21/07T'ganu 2 (A)---

Justin modest on target

New Sabah Times

 KOTA KINABALU: The vastly experienced Justin Ganai is not about to brag nor is he going to set any unthinkable target for his young side in the State President’s Cup challenge this new season. The veteran coach, who is no stranger to the State football scene where his last stint with the stateside was in 2017, also with the Under-21 squad, rather opts to be modest and realistic on their target.

 “Of course we want to achieve the best, but then again, we have to see what the team are capable of doing. “We have about one month or so to prepare the team, and for now, what I’m hoping for is our preparations will go on smoothly because time is not on our side. “There is little time to waste from now.

The league will kick off at the end of next month, and we just have to start to get cracking,” Justin, who was attached to the Malaysia Sports School Sabah, handling the national girls’ Under-16 and 19 teams, prior to making a comeback into the State fold. Justin said he has 35 players to work with now before he finalises the squad to 30, who will spearhead their challenge in the competition. “We will only register 30 and whether we like it or not, we have to drop five players. So, my advice to the players is to work hard during the coming days because we will only pick the best and those with good discipline and attitude,” the Junior Rhinos head coach said.

Tough task awaits Billyton

Daily Express
Ten days to prove worth

KOTA KINABALU: The Under-19 players shortlisted for the State squad in the Youth Cup competition this season will have only 10 days to prove their worth, according to newly appointed head coach Billyton Vun Ket Ming. The 40 hopefuls had their first day of training at the Likas Stadium running tracks on Monday morning and Billy told them to give their very best to convince him and his coaching team.

 “Time is a factor right now and I need to finalise the 30 names that will make the list within 10 days. “So the players will need to give their best shots during this period to show their special ability, commitment and hard work.” Billyton, who was the assistant coach for the Under-21 squad in the President Cup competition last year, admitted that he was slightly taken aback by his appointment as Youth Cup head coach.

 “I have to thank the management for their trust in me but I have to admit that I was a bit surprise with the appointment as well. “I was focusing on the Under-21 squad which I had involved in the selection of players earlier, and I guess with this appointment I will have to work extra hard because I did not handle the selection from the start. “I do not know most of the players, so first I need to know their individual skills then I can apply based on their ability to play either possession or direct football.

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