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Thursday, June 21, 2018


2018 Premier League
102/02T'ganu 2 (H)W 4-0Lee, Rawilson(2), Hector1st
206/02Felcra (A)D 1-1Lee2nd
309/02PDRM (H)W 2-0Maxsius, Heo2nd
424/02Sarawak (H)D 1-1Hector2nd
512/03MIFA (A)D 1-1Hector2nd
610/04UITM (H)W 3-1Maxsius, Sabri, Heo2nd
714/04Felda (H)D 1-1Hector3rd
824/04UKM (A)L 2-3Hector, Justin4th
928/04Penang (A)L 1-2Maxsius3rd
1001/05JDT 2 (H)D 1-1Hector3rd
1111/05JDT 2 (A)D 2-2Lee, Mafry5th
1224/05Felda (A)L 0-1-5th
1302/06UKM (H)L 1-3Hector5th
1407/06UITM (A)W 3-0Francis, Sabri, Hector5th
1520/06MIFA (H)W 3-2Rawilson, Hamran, Hector5th
1626/06Sarawak (A)--
1712~16/07T'ganu 2 (A)--
1816~19/07Penang (H)--
1919~23/07Felcra (H)--
2026~30/07PDRM (A)--

2018 President Cup >>
0122/02Kedah (A)W 1-0Stanley2nd
0226/02Pahang (A)W 2-1Stanley(2)1st
0301/03MIFA (A)W 2-0Fedric, Arius1st
0408/03Perlis (A)L 0-1-1st
0512/03ATM (H)W 1-0Arius1st
0615/03S'gor Utd (H)W 1-0Evan1st
0702/04Melaka (A)W 1-0Aidil1st
0805/04Selangor (A)W 2-0Shariman(2)1st
0909/04Kelantan (H)W 4-1Arius, Stanley(2), Hamran1st
1012/04JDT 3 (H)W 2-0Stanley(2)1st
1119/04Kedah (H)L 0-1-1st
1223/04Pahang (H)L 2-3Shariman, Zulkifly2nd
1326/04MIFA (H)W 1-0Stanley2nd
1430/04Perlis (H)D 0-0-2nd
1503/05ATM (A)W 4-0Stanley, Arius, Ranilson, Yuseddy2nd
1607/05S'gor Utd (A)W 2-1Stanley, Zaki1st
1719/07Melaka (H)--
1823/07Selangor (H)--
1926/07Kelantan (A)--
2030/07JDT 3 (A)--

2018 Youth Cup >>
0125/02Felda (A)W 2-1Shahrizan, Iqhbal5th
0228/02SSMP U-16 (H)L 0-4-9th
0325/03PKNP (A)D 1-1Syahmil7th
0428/03Selangor (A)W 1-0Owen5th
0501/04SSBJ U-16 (A)W 4-1Syahmil, Owen, Hizaz, Leo3rd
0604/04Pahang (A)D 1-1Leo3rd
0708/04Penang (H)W 3-2Faqhrurazi(2), OG2nd
0815/04PKNS (A)L 0-2-4th
0918/04T'ganu 4 (H)D 0-0-4th
1022/04KL (H)W 2-1Syukri, Iqhbal2nd
1109/05PKNP (H)L 0-1-3rd
1202/05Felda (H)D 1-1Hizaz6th
1306/05SSMP U-16 (A)L 2-4Shahrizan, Hizaz6th
1413/05Selangor (H)L 1-4Iqhbal6th
1524/06Pahang (H)--
1608/07SSBJ U-16 (H)--
1718/07Penang (A)--
1822/07PKNS (H)--
1925/07T'ganu 4 (A)--
2029/07KL (A)--

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