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Friday, November 22, 2013

Milomir out to transform Sabahawks

New Sabah Times
HEAD COACH … Milomir (right) vows to turn Sabah into a better side than before.
KOTA KINABALU: Seslija Milomir may not have the magic wand, but he is determined to transform Sabah into a force to be reckoned with in the Premier League challenge next season. While making no promises of ending the season with silverware, but the Bosnian vows to turn Sabah into a better side than before.

The former Sabah star then insisted that he will do it his way whether people like it or otherwise. Some may not like his strict-style regime, but Milo, as he was fondly known among the Sabah fans during his playing days with the State side in the mid-90s, said in order to make Sabah a decent side, changes need to be done.

 And he is not afraid to make changes for the betterment of Sabah football, and is determined to bring greater discipline, dedication, commitment among others into his side. “These are among the things that I will emphasise on,” he said, adding that he also wants to see his charges have enough ‘gas’ to run all over the field, before declaring, ‘I want no shirkers in my side’.

 “Fitness is another priority because I don’t want to see players walking on the field and taking things for granted,” the Sabah head coach said, before declaring the comfort zone era is over in the team. “Sabah used to be an aggressive side, and I want to see that again, so I’m expecting them to fight and challenge for every ball. “What I hope to see is for every one of us to work as a big unit … the players, the coaches, officials, especially the fans and the media,” Milo added.

 “If our neighbor Sarawak can bring in 30,000 fans week in week out for their home matches, I see no reason why it cannot be done here. We have done it before, and I really hope to bring back glory days to Sabah football,” said Milo, adding that it was his fate to be here again in Sabah. “So it is important for us to bring unity, not only within the team, but from every one.

 Milo also expressed his satisfaction with the response given by the players. “They are coping quite well to our training, and I believe that they are much fitter now and if this continues, it will do the team good,” said Milo. He was also delighted to note that he got all the support from the Sabah FA, including from the President Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Haji Aman.

 “They have been very supportive. They have also given me a free hand to build the team, and I would like to thank them for that, and I will surely give my utmost best for the team,” he said. “I have been here for about five months now, and I am happy with the way things are going,” he added.

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