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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hendrik Helmke - Sabah New Signing April 2012

1) Name: Hendrik Helmke
2) DOB: 13 July 1987 (age 24)
3) Height: 1.81 m
4) Nationality: Germany/Brazil
5) Previous Clubs:
2006-2007= VfL Maschen,  
2007-2008= Lüneburger SK,  
2008–2010= VfB Lübeck,
2011–2012= IFK Mariehamn
Hendrik Helmke during an interview during his time at IFK

I was born July 13, 1987 in Winsen, Germany.

-As a child I dreamed of becoming a professional soccer player.
-My Idol is my brother Alessandro.
-My Favorite Football players are Ronaldinho, Ronaldo , Messi, Xavi, Iniesta and Essien.
-One thing that you do not know about me, but that is good to know that I sing better than Micheal Jackson .. in the shower!
-On hobby during off day are: go out with friends, or sleep.
-My favorite place is beach. Clearly the best place to be! There is no better than coconuts trees, cocktails ... and Markus Paatelainen in a Borat-swimsuit!

-On the first date, I will go to McDonalds.
-The most geeky journalist question I ever got was a journalist in Germany. After we had lost three games in a row so he asked me if the trainer was good enough for the team ...
- Something that you might not know about my teammate Okodugha Sunday is that he solar solarium four times a week! Another thing is that Luca Bellisomo is "body double" for Chris Brown and Usher in their dance scenes in their videos!

- If I would take with me an IFK players to a deserted island, it would be Amos Ekhalie. My African brother whos born on a desert island and knows how to survive. In Addition he is faster than lions or tigers on deserted island!
-The best part of IFK is milk after every workout, and Stephen Power Point presentations before every game.
-The best players I've played with are my brother Alessandro Helmke and the best I've encountered is Rafael van der Vaart, Edin Dzeko, Marcelinho Paraiba, Kevin Boateng and Sami Khedira.
- The greatest experience so far in my football career is when I met VfB Stuttgart in the second round of the German Cup after beating Bundesligalaget Mainz 

-My personal goal of the season is to be an important part of the team. Finally, I want to welcome all supporters: Fight with us until the end!

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