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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Trial with RHINOS , Chan Wing Hoong 's Profile


Chan Wing Hoong is one of the longest serving players currently on Perak's squad. His first spell with the side was between 1998 and 2005.

Before the 2006 season began, Wing Hoong, along with his team mate K. Nanthakumar, left Perak following a salary dispute with team management.

Both Wing Hoong and Nanthakumar then joined Selangor MPPJ,which was then dubbed the 'Chelsea of Malaysia' and reformed their defensive partnership there. However, following the withdrawal of MPPJ for the 2007 season, both Wing Hoong and Nanthakumar were brought back to Perak. By this time, a new management team had taken over and were practicing a policy of recruiting Perak-born players .

Wing Hoong is a first team regular for the team. He is an active member of the national side and participated in 2002 Tiger Cup, 2006 Merdeka Tournament and the 2007 ASEAN Football Championship.
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