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Friday, June 21, 2013

Joh: All must play roles to improve Sabah football

New Sabah Times

KOTA KINABALU: Sabah Cebagoo Football Club President Mohd Joh Wid has expressed his support towards bringing in energetic young blood into the Sabah Football Association (SFA). He agreed with Hafez Yamani Musa that the SFA needs a comprehensive transformation in order to function more effectively in the development of football in Sabah.

 However, Joh said for Sabah football to return to its glory days, everyone must play their respective roles, and not just the SFA. “I totally agree with Hafez’s statement. A major overhaul in the SFA needs to be done, and at the same time, district FAs also need to play their part. “Making changes and bringing in new faces into the SFA is not enough. SFA cannot be left alone in the development of the game.

We have to do it together, or else it will be the same old story. “Coaches, ex-players, former officials or even the Youth and Sports Ministry, could play their part and give Sabah football a helping hand. “For coaches, they must have the desire to play their part by getting more involved in the game, and the same goes to ex-players, so as former officials.

As for the Youth and Sports Ministry, they can contribute from the aspect of providing the best facilities for the sport. “Everyone must try to contribute in one way or another. If every one of us is willing to share and shoulder the responsibility, I’m very sure football in Sabah will blossom sooner rather than later,” said Joh.

 “The same goes to corporate bodies or companies. They too can play a role. In fact, their contribution towards the sport is very much welcome because without good financial backing, it would be difficult for the sport to move on,” said Joh. According to Joh, there is no point to start pointing fingers at any one because it would not help the sport.

 “As the saying goes, it is easier said than done, and we know it. We have learnt a lot from taking part in this year’s FAM Cup League, and we know how difficult it is. Financing a side, or managing a team is not easy when you are competing in the national league. “There are so many rules to follow, especially in this modern game.

It is not like before because now the competitiveness of any national competition is higher than ever, including the FAM Cup,” said Joh. Two days ago, Hafez, the chairman of the SFA Futsal and Beach Soccer Committee, said that SFA needs to make a comprehensive transformation in order to function more effectively in the development of football in Sabah.

He said this transformation must also include its leaders. Hafez also said that SFA should be aware that at the moment, their efforts in bringing the sport to a new level are not enough, and that they merely seemed to be moving on a normal flow. “Proactive measures must be taken to change the scenario of Sabah football as a whole.

Transformation must be bandied about, and leaders at all district FAs must also have the enthusiasm, passion to win and desire to see the development of the game, especially the State senior team,” Hafez was quoted as saying by the local media.

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