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Sunday, February 03, 2013

Cebagoo FC preparing hard for upcoming FAM League

Daily Express

Kota Kinabalu: Cebagoo FC are hard at work in preparation for the upcoming FAM League which would take place on Feb 17 against Melaka FA at the UMS Stadium. Head coach Razali Zinin told Express Sports at their training ground on Friday that he and assistant coach Jelius Ating are concentrating more to improve on their player's fitness level apart from the usual training sessions.

 He said based on his assessment the players are still far from ready in terms of fitness for the competition. "We are putting extra effort to work on the area at the moment and at the same time trying to further improve the strikers' finishing touches as well and hopefully by the first game, all the players will all be up to the task." 

Meanwhile, the team travelled to Tawau on Saturday for their next friendly match which will be played today (Sunday). Cebagoo FC President Mohd Joh Wid said they respect the Tawau FA team and reckoned it will be a very tough encounter as the East Coast team had earlier upset the State senior team during a friendly match played a couple of months ago.

 He said they had earlier played against the Keningau MU side a few weeks ago which they won 3-2. "The friendly matches will be the perfect platform for us to judge our progress therefore I want all the players to treat the game seriously." Joh called on all the fans in the Tawau area to come out in full force to watch the friendly match and he thanked BN Tawau Youth for organising the event and also TransTedar for sponsoring their trip as well.

 The team may have another friendly match against the State Premier League team here at the Likas Stadium after their return from Tawau just before their season opener.

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