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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Cebagoo FC looking for a win against Melaka

Daily Express

Kota Kinabalu: Cebagoo FC will be looking for a win in their opening FAM Cup league match against the Melaka state team at the UMS Stadium today at 4.15pm. Club president Mohd Joh Wid when met at the team's final training session on Saturday said he believed his boys can match the favourites despite the underdog tag.

 "It doesn't bother us with their reputation as a state team and their experience in the scene. We respect them for what they are but I have strong faith in my boys after the intense preparation done by the two coaches, Razali Zinin and Jelius Ating over the past few months." "We are here for a reason and with former state captain Reithudin Ag Imran in the team, I am sure he will help to boost our defense and the team will be able to cope with the attacks with his undoubted leadership."

 He further stated the team is not a one-man team and has other team members who can spring surprises on their opponents as well. "The club's name may not ring a bell to most people but we sure have a number of other players who have the experience in the likes of former Betaria player Aifyansah Jafar who will orchestra the team attacks from the engine room, nippy Nizam Jifferi and striker Rainol Masaat."

 Joh also announced the appointment of Reithudin as the team's new captain replacing Nizam at the training ground on Saturday. And he called on all the football fans to come in full force to the stadium to give their support to the team. Cebagoo will be the State's sole representative in the competition, which is the country's third tier league and the first 11 players who will be making the historic debut for the team today are Shairul Boidi, Thaufiq Abd Hoq, Reithudin Ag Emran, Adnan Arman, Zilfikri Jemai, Aifyansah Jafar, Gerd Smith Chin Chiu, Md Arif Awang, Nizam Jifferi, Norsiwandy Jaffery and Rainol Masaat.

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