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Thursday, January 04, 2007

PLAYERS (2007/2008)

  • Azrul Ejati Damsah
  • Bobby Gonzalez
  • Eddy Gapil
  • Hardy Charles Parsi
  • Harold John (GK)
  • Henry Parsi
  • Irwan Jamil (GK)
  • Md Farid
  • Md Radzi Hussin
  • Md Salawi Ahmad Jasad (GK)
  • Rosdin Wasli
  • Sylvester Sindih
  • Zainizam Marjan
  • Zulamri Md
  • Zuraindey Jumai
  • Ahmad Tharmini Saiban
  • Chow Chee Weng
  • Hishamuddin Othman
  • Md Nafuzi Md Zain
  • Munir Imran
  • Rezuan Md Radzy
  • Wong Sai Kong
  • Dragic Dalibor
  • Andre Scotti Ossemer
  • David Njuko
  • Jamie Anthony Lawrence Phoenix
  • Kokhrei Dze Irakli

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  1. i would like to have a contact with dragic dalibor.
    is it possible to have is email or phone number
    i am a french doctor . I work for Dr glehen and we would like to know if evry thing is ok for dragic since 2002.

  2. i dont have his email or phone number. But i hope he'll visit this blog and contact you soon.

    very sorry.

  3. dragic is my friend..i have his contact number..may i know your name sir?

  4. I really miss watching the best of the best the greatest of all import players Jamie Phoenix. I read in an interview from when he was in bulgaria that he 1 day would love to return to sabah that would be a dream. but only after he becomes a star in europe and world football. i miss you jamie hope to see you again 1 day goodluck laa


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