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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Transparent, professional selection of Sabah players


 KOTA KINABALU: The newly-formed Sabah FA Under-19 and Under-21 Selection Committee will oversee the selection process of its junior squads. The committee is headed by its supreme council member Benedict Asmat. Their first assignment will be to select players for the state Under-19 and Under-21 teams that will spearhead the state’s challenge in the President’s Cup and Youth Cup next year.

 Benedict said among the objectives of the committee is to make sure that the selection process will be more transparent, professional and without favouritism. “This committee is not only about selecting the players, but it is more to doing things more professionally. “We want to set a more comprehensive and effective selection guideline or criteria so that there will be no favouritism,” said Benedict.

 He added that the committee will do profiles on all the selected players. “It is important for us to have their records for future reference. Furthermore, it is good to know the background of the players that we have. “Whatever suggestions or planning this committee has will be referred to the Sabah FA executive committee for endorsement or approval,” said Benedict.

 He said that for a start, the committee is made up of five members, including him. The rest are Justin Ganai, Johnny Dominicus, Andrew Majanggim and Executive Secretary Hasbullah Yahya. “In the near future, it will be expanded, by may be including coaches from other districts,” said Benedict. “Next time around, he added that they will be prepared better in terms of unearthing new talents in the state,” he said.

 Meanwhile, Benedict said that their first task will be selecting players for the new season. “The first phase of selection will start tomorrow (today) and ends on Friday. We have identified 75 players for this first phase. Initially, we had named 55 players, but have decided to call another 20 players. “The selected players from this first phase will then attend the second phase, which will be held from Nov 28 to 30.

 “They will be joined by players from this year’s squad where we have about 40 players (Under-19 and Under-21) still eligible for the two teams,” said Benedict. Benedict said the selection panel will be headed by Justin Ganai and will be assisted by Andrew Majanggim and Johnny Dominicus. “We will also have a few more coaches on the sidelines on the lookout for the best talents that we have,” he said.

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