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Saturday, October 28, 2017

2017 Premier League and others

2017 Premier League >>
120/01Negeri/9 (A)L 0-3-12th
226/01K/Lumpur (H)L 1-2Igor12th
303/02Perlis (A)W 3-1Behe, Maxsius(2)9th
410/02ATM (H)L 2-5Behe, Rawilson10th
517/02JDT II (A)L 0-1-11th
628/02UITM (H)L 2-3Ummareng, Sofiane11th
703/03PKNP (A)D 1-1Behe10th
815/03MISC-MIFA (A)L 1-3Sofiane11th
907/04T'ganu (A)L 0-2-11th
1014/04Kuantan (H)W 2-1Rahmansyah, Maxsius10th
1125/04PDRM (H)L 1-3Jitozono10th
1205/05T'ganu (H)W 2-1Hamran, Jitozono9th
1324/05Kuantan (A)D 3-3Maxsius, Leopold, Lee9th
1430/06PDRM (A)W 1-0Lee9th
1510/07PKNP (H)L 1-3Rahmansyah9th
1614/07UITM (A)W 1-0Roduljob8th
1721/07MISC-MIFA (H)W 2-1Sabri(2)8th
1825/07JDT II (H)D 1-1Rawilson8th
1904/08ATM (A)W 2-0Roduljob, Heo7th
2019/09Perlis (H)W 5-1Roduljob(2), Lee(3)7th
2126/09K/Lumpur (A)L 0-2-7th
2227/10Negeri/9 (H)W 2-1Roduljob(2)7th

2017 FAM Cup >> KDMM
119/02UKM (A)L 0-4-8th
226/02Felcra (H)L 0-1-8th
305/03MOF (H)D 0-0-7th
429/03MPKB (A)D 2-2Azizul, Billy7th
509/04DBKL (H)W 3-1Melky(3)6th
616/04Shahzan (A)L 0-2-7th
723/04Hanelang (H)L 1-2Sabri7th
830/04Hanelang (A)L 1-2Yazili8th
907/05UKM (H)D 2-2Sabri, Azizul8th
1014/05Felcra (A)L 1-3No Info8th
1121/05MOF (A)L 1-3Arfiyansah8th
1209/07MPKB (H)L 1-3No Info8th
1316/07DBKL (A)W 1-0No Info8th
1430/07Shahzan (H)L 0-2-8th

2017 President Cup >> U-21
123/02PKNP (H)D 1-1Fazriel3rd
202/03PKNS (A)D 1-1Fazriel5th
309/03N9 (H)L 1-2Fazriel7th
430/03T-Team (H)L 0-4-9th
506/04Selangor (H)L 0-2-9th
613/04Pahang (A)L 0-2-9th
717/04Perak (H)L 0-1-9th
820/04KL (A)L 0-1-9th
927/04ATM (A)W 3-0Devid(2), Fazriel9th
1004/05ATM (H)W 3-0Stanley, Azmizan, Yuseddy9th
1108/05KL (H)L 0-1-9th
1211/05Perak (A)L 0-1-9th
1318/05Pahang (H)D 2-2Stanley, Rahmansyah9th
1422/05Selangor (A)D 0-0-9th
1503/07T-Team (A)D 0-0-9th
1616/07N9 (A)L 1-3No Info9th
1724/07PKNS (H)D 1-1Fazriel9th
1831/07PKNP (A)L 0-2-9th

2017 Youth Cup >> U-19
126/02Felda (A)W 3-1Evan, Iqhbal, Suzairee2nd
205/03Selangor (H)L 1-2Iqhbal3rd
308/03Perlis (A)D 2-2Jeniun, Aidil Safee3rd
402/04SSTMI (A)L 1-2Arius4th
509/04KL (A)D 1-1OG6th
612/04N9 (H)L 0-1-6th
716/04Perak (A)W 1-0Suzairee5th
823/04Melaka (H)W 2-0Suzairee(2)5th
907/05N9 (A)D 1-1Arius6th
1014/05Melaka (A)W 1-0Arius6th
1117/05KL (H)W 1-0Arius4th
1221/05Perak (H)D 2-2Arius, Leonardo3rd
1302/07SSTMI (H)W 2-0Fedric, Adi3rd
1409/07Perlis (H)D 1-1Fedric3rd
1512/07Selangor (A)L 1-2Iqhbal4th
1630/07Felda (H)D 0-0-5th

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