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Friday, April 10, 2015

Call for Rhino fans to flood the stadium

Daily Express

Kota Kinabalu: Seasoned die-hard supporter, Hamdin Abdul Kadir (pic) urged fans to unite and stand behind their team as Sabah Rhinos square off against Selangor PKNS FC in the Premier League clash at Likas Stadium here tonight. He called on the fans to turn up in red shirts as a sign of support for the team like in the earlier days when people used to flood the stadiums for every match.

 "Let's try to bring back the glory days of the 80s where people start flooding the stadium gates as early as 12 noon just to catch the team in action. "And it would be a great sight if all the fans can turn up in red shirts. It would instil a huge fright for any visiting opponent to see a sea of red shirts in the stands," said Hamdin who is also a former fan club president back in the 80s.

 In making the call yesterday, he said it was crucial for all Sabah Rhinos fans to stand united behind the team. "The team has been performing well so far this season especially at home and this is due to the strong support from all the fans," he said.

 He dismissed negative remarks on social media that the team's performance is on decline following a 4-3 defeat to T-Team in Terengganu last week. "I don't think the team is under-performing, they would not have scored three away goals if that were the case," he said.

 He said it was harsh for certain quarters to lash out at the team despite having led twice in the match only to let it slip in the final six minutes of added time. "They have hung their heads and I am sure they are ready to bounce back and we should all be there to support them," he added. "The best way to show support is for all Sabah fans to unite and turn up in numbers," he added. 

Prior to the match against T-Team, Sabah Rhinos were high on cloud nine as they went top of the league after beating Pahang Kuantan FA 2-0 on March 13. Another reason why Sabah fans should turn up in numbers is to witness new-signing Joel Chianese in action in his first home match.

 "The Australian scored twice in his debut for Sabah against T-Team, which is a terrific start. I'm sure Sabah supporters are eager to see him in action and the match tomorrow is the perfect chance to do so," said Hamdin. To this end Hamdin said it would do a great honour to the Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman, who is also the Sabah FA supremo, if Sabah fans unite and show their full support to the team.

 Among the notable fan clubs in the State are Sabah Football Fan Club and Ultras Sabah. "If these two fan clubs can unite for the match tomorrow with others joining in, it would create a truly formidable presence to rattle the visiting team to their bones," said Hamdin.

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