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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Made in Germany: The odyssey of Hendrik Helmke
Hendrik Helmke: European Cup and relegation in Northern Norway.
The Champions League and the Europa League have a German touch in this season. To contribute not only the six Bundesliga clubs that are still active in the two competitions. Some German professionals are also represented with their foreign clubs in international competitions. puts them in the series "Made in Germany" before. Today, Hendrik Helmke of Tromsø IL. Arctic Circle sounds already cold. But again well beyond 350 kilometers, north? You do not want to try that! That sounds like snowflakes from October to April on, after a long winter nights and just as long johns.

Hendrik Helmke has nevertheless agreed to it. The 26-year-old hired in Tromso. In a city renowned for the starting point of many expeditions to the North Pole is his. The defensive midfielder started here, however, in a very different adventure. The Norwegian first division side Tromsø IL offers him the chance to play in the Europa League. It is the result of an unusual unusual career. Because Hendrik Helmkes footballing career has so far been anything but straightforward.

His path was a constant up and down He moved between hope and despair. Nine clubs in four countries testify. Rocked the league with Max Kruse His entry was high. In the youth academy of Hamburger SV. Hendrik Helmke is the competition, but do not put yourself through. The next step forward was back after two steps. About the SC Concordia Hamburg, he landed at SC 07 four-and marshlands. There he won back the fun of football. The successes came on again. He played with Max Kruse in a team. And that rocked the league.

So much so that the top left the club in the direction of professional clubs after the season. Hendrik Helmke moved to Lüneburg SK. One experience richer and poorer an illusion. "I was demotivated longer," he says of this time. That's why he put other priorities and did finish school. After that, the desire grew back on football and services presented on again. VfB Lübeck signed him. For the Regional. And for unforgettable moments of the DFB Cup. FSV Mainz 05, in the first round 2-1, 2009 bowled from the competition. Finland recognized football as a springboard It is a signal for Hendrik Helmke to strive for higher orders. But a change in the third League is not established.
In Action for VfB Lübeck: Hendrik Helmke.
 "There are some things had broken," he says. "And suddenly I was clubless." A hole. Again. His advisers confronted him afterwards with the idea to go to Finland. A thought with which he had to deal first. "I knew nothing about the Finnish football," he says. After a moment's thought, he declared Football Finland as a "good stepping stone" and signed for first division side IFK Mariehamn. For one season. "The pretty successful. Of the media, I was one of the best foreigners League elected, "said Hendrik Helmke. The next highlight, the next turning point.

Despite the promising first season he left Finland and moved to Malaysia. A teammate had moved him to this step. He played eight months of 2012 for Sabah FA in the Malaysia Super League. As long as it took until the realization dawned: "You live like a king there. People are crazy about football. But football is organized chaos. Play a lot of veterans in the league. I felt too young for this step.

"In the atrium of the North Pole So back in the elevator and pressed the button upwards. Early 2013, Hendrik Helmke returns back to Finland. To the first division FF Jaro. His contacts with coach Alexei Eremenko helped. And put it on. The trust paid back Helmke. The German-Brazilians played a strong round. And thus aroused the interest of other clubs. "From Sweden and Denmark I had available offers. But I had a commitment in the second Bundesliga flirted, "says the born Winsen an der Luhe professional. Ultimately, he went to Norway to Tromso.

The prospect of playing in the Europa League, had been the decisive factor in this decision. Now he is on the court of the North Pole. For a good two months. Meanwhile, the sky of dark clouds has spit the first snowflakes. "It is not going well," says Hendrik Helmke. Relegation battle in the Tippeligaen. He shows understanding for the coach who tries to put on a rehearsed team. "I still get my game time." "Not everyone gets such a chance" Above all, in the Europa League. He appreciates it.

"This is a whole different world," says Hendrik Helmke. Otherwise he plays in front of 4,000 times 5,000 spectators. Against Besiktas in Istanbul were 60,000 in the stadium. "Awesome, how fast that goes." Against Tottenham Hotspur he was in the squad. A club he previously knew only from television. "Not everyone gets such an opportunity," he says.

 Helmkes contract with the Norwegian North runs for two years. Still, he dreams of a return to Germany. However, he is more cautious. "You have to be realistic. I am no longer 18. Nevertheless, there are examples that you come across detours in the Bundesliga. I look at what's coming. Maybe I'll be in the second Bundesliga, "he says. First of all, Hendrik Helmke remains German Football Ambassador in the far north.

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