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Sunday, January 01, 2012

MSL Introduces Two New Logos For M-League For 2012-2014 Season

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 31 (Bernama) -- Malaysia's Super League and Premier League are getting brand new logos respectively for the 2012-2014 season.

 Unveiled by Malaysia Super League Sdn Bhd (MSL) in a statement today, the logos were inspired by the 'Play' shape, which is commonly found in all media playing devices. "Both logos are specially designed in line with the original purpose of the football itself which is 'Play'.

 "The shape 'Play' had been stylized and applied into the logo, creating a solid shape to hold the other elements which create differentiation between each logo," said MSL, an entity which serves as the commercial arm of Malaysian football.

It said the Super League logo was formed from the imagery of the Super League trophy itself which shows the upper part of the trophy where a ball stands on top of the star-shaped tower which signifies the highest football league in the nation.

The combination of the dark blue and white colour represents the meaning of solidarity and prestige to the league, it said. For the Premier League logo, the ball is composed into the composition to bring out a meaning of football movement. "The moving ball shape was designed to create a story where the journey to football recognition begins here.
The black and yellow are chosen as the official colours to align itself with the national body and team," it said. MSL said the fonts used were uniquely and specially designed to fit the character which had similarities with the tiger stripes.

 It said the Astro logo is placed into the league logos as their commercial rights holder and a new sponsor's logo might replace the Astro logo should there be any further partners coming in from their rights holders. The Premier League will kick-off on Jan 9 while the Super League a day later. -- BERNAMA
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