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Friday, November 07, 2008

Interview with Scott Ollerenshaw !!!!!



Full name: Scott Ollerenshaw

Date of birth :February 9, 1968 (age 40)

Place of birth :Sydney, Australia

Playing position :striker

Career with The Rhinos:
1994-1997 (106 Goals)
2 Times Golden Boot (1995,1996)
Fa Cup(1995)
League Champion (1996)

Australian Youth Team - 12 internationals - 4 goals
Australian Senior Team - 18 internationals - 3 goals

Scott played for the Socceroos on 18 occassions. He played in the old Australian NSL for St. George, Sydney Olympic, Apia & Wollongong. In 1992/93 he played for English 1st Division Club Walsall. In 1994 he moved to Malaysia where he played for Sabah until 1997 & in 1998 he joined Negeri Sembilan. In 1999 he joined Northern Spirit in their inaugural year but injury forced him to prematurely retire without playing a single game for them.

He moved back to Sabah in 2000. Scott currently has business interest in KK, Sandakan & Keningau Futsal Arenas & is the Managing Director of Borneo Sports & Adventure Holidays.

The Interview!

(7 th November 2008)

1.When you started playing football?
>I started playing football at age 5

2.Were you a striker since you started this game?
>I was a left winger/midfielder & then converted to striker when i got older

3.Who is your favorite footballer in the world?
>My favourite current footballer would be Rooney & Berbatov

4.Who bring you to play with the Rhinos?
>An agent called Lesley Armstrong brought me for trials with Sabah

5.What is the best moments you have with rhinos?
>Best moments with Rhinos was winning League in 96

6.Who was your best friends in the team?
>Best friends in the team were Ong Kim Swee, Bobby Chua, Abdullah Adi, Yap Wai Loon & Milomir

7.What do you think about Matlan Marjan? Are you still in contact with him?
>I think Matlan Marjan was a incredible talent & its a shame he made the choices he did.I see him occassionally around town

8.I heard that you already holds the Malaysian citizenship, is it true?Can you speak Malays?
>No i dont have PR but i may apply for it next year-saya cekap sikit malayu-saya faham banyak

9.I heard that you became a businessmen after retiring from football. Can you tell me about your business?
>I have 2 businesses, a/KK Futsal Arena b/Borneo Sports & Adventure Holidays Futsal has been running for 5 years now. Borneo Sports started last year & is based on sports tourism which is something i love doing & am very passionate about

10.What do yo think about the rhinos now?What do you think they need to be a strong team like you , Matlan , Khairul`s era.
>I feel the Rhinos desperately need to gain promotion to Division 1 as soon as possible.The players need to play with their heart on their sleeve & give blood for the team-giving 100% is not enough-they need to go the extra yard.Only then will the team achieve success & the fans will return to Likas Stadium.

11.Don't you want to coach the rhinos in the future?i really sure that all the fans will full up the stadium every match if you take over the seat.
> I am interested in coaching the team.However,i need to obtain my full coaching badge before this is impossible.I always said i dont want to rely on football for my livelihood & therefore will be putting all my energies into my sports tourism business for next 2 years. After that i would definetely be interested in coaching the State Team & helping the team achieve success.

p/s:Leave your messages, comments below, and i`ll sent it to Scott.(Bm or English, Both ok!)


  1. Thanks Scott!!!!!
    Terima kaseh!
    Can`t wait to see you in Sabah bench!

  2. Scott beberapa bulan ini kau selalu buat tournement bola sepak bawah 12, bawah 18 dan vateran.

    apa kata lepas nie ko buat tournement untuk orang kurang upaya (OKU) footballer.

    di sabah nie ramai OKU mau main tapi tidak diberi peluang kerana keadaan fizikal yang membuatkan pasukan bola sepak tidak mau ambil durang.

    saya harap ko dapat buat team bola sepak sabah untuk OKU. Di semenanjung KL, Selangor, Melaka dan Pahang ada pasukan bola sepak.

    Saya rasa Sabah ada peluang untuk
    menjuarai pertandingan di semenanjung atau di sabah sendiri.

    saya harap ko dapat tulung kami yang oku lah ah....

    Terima kasih!!!!


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