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Friday, January 25, 2008

Andre Scotti Ossemer

Name: Andre Scotti Ossemer


Position: Striker

D.O.B: 31st January 1982

Height: 1.77 m

Weight: 71 kg

Previous Clubs:
Criciúma EC(Brazil)
Rio Preto EC(Brazil)
EC Prospera(Brazil)
FC Zwolle(Dutch)

Interview (While he still in FC Zwolle) with broken english(sorry...)

In search of a dream!
More an athlete of our region uses the international football to seek a better income for their family, as well as, for a chance to play your football, as their country of origin does not provide that.This is the case of the attacker, André Ossemer Scotti, 24 years.Birthplace Criciúma, he was at the beginning of this year playing in football of Holland, the team FC Zwolle, which is part of the second division of the Dutch championship.Difficulty in adapting to the cold, with the strong pace of the Dutch to play and strange food, are some of the steps that have to pass to André achieve their dreams.Check below the interview with the player of 71kg and 1.77 m, which was supporting a temperature of zero degree when granted this interview to the New column in Current:

New and Current - Times in which already played?
André Scotti: Criciúma EC, Rio Preto EC and EC Prospera.

New and Current - When play began?
André Scotti: I started in the categories of basis of Criciúma EC, to 14 years.

New and Current - What is your position?
André Scotti: Striker

New and Current - It is the first time we play outside the country?
André Scotti: No, I was already three months in Germany and did an assessment in a time of Spain.

New and current - And how is the adjustment to the food, climate, language?
André Scotti: It is a little difficult, especially with the weather is very cold here, which ends in a little hampering treinamentos.Mas gradually I am adapting.Training with two blouses, pants, gloves, hat (laughter). The language is also very difficult, but I understand a bit of English, then in order to turn a little, because here also speak English, in addition to the Dutch.And it has a Portuguese in the time that is already for some time in Holland and now speaks fluently.And the food and also is different, but I have my meals in restaurants where can I ask what I want, then try asking food similar to Brazil.

New and Current - What is the difference of football played in Brazil for the European?
André Scotti: Here in Europe, at least in Dutch football, they use very physical force, not a soccer ball to the touch like Brazil.

New and current - And you as Brazil, as it does to enter into this rhythm of force?
André Scotti: I am an attacker with characteristics of speed, then try to use my speed to "escape" from contact with the Dutch.

New and Current - What is your biggest dream?
André Scotti: Play in a time of the first division in Europe.Can be recognized here in Europe, and maybe more looking forwards power back to play in Brazil in a large club.

New and current - And why in Brazil is so difficult to play in a big club?
André Scotti: Why in Brazil has many good players. In Brazil it is easy to replace one by the other. Here in Europe do not, they try to make the best of the players who has here.

New and current - and the distance of friends, family, girlfriend, and overcome it?
André Scotti: Ah, until why I am here on the internet!(Laughs).I am quite in the net.Wanted connect too. But now I am used to be outside the home.

(picture:andre is on the right)

New and Current - Dating, groom, single, wound?
André Scotti: Bachelor.

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