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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A dream come true: Milomir

Daily Express

Kota Kinabalu: Those players who want to wear a Sabah jersey must have a sense of pride and must be able to produce their best in every match, said new Sabah head coach Milomir Seslija on Monday. The Bosnian who was officially unveiled at the Sabah Football Association office by Deputy President Datuk Lawrence Gimbang said it was an honour to be given the chance to coach the Sabah team and he thanked the Sabah FA and its President Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman for giving him this opportunity.

 "I believe in destiny and it is a dream come true for me to be here as a coach after 16 years as in my heart, Sabah is always my second home." He admitted that it won't be an easy task to turn the team's fortune around in an instant. "It won't be easy but I believe if all parties with the players and coaches, the officials and supporters doing their part together as a team, I don't see why the team cannot succeed and give the fans what they fully deserve."

 "There shouldn't be any interference in each other's jobs otherwise there is no point to bring me in here if I am going to encounter any interference from any parties while discharging my duty as a coach," he stressed. Lawrence had earlier stated that Milomir will be given the full power to do what he think is right in order for the team to progress to a higher level.

 "He will be given a free hand to choose the right players as well as the coaches to assist him and we will not stand in his way." Milomir said his main target is to bring the team back to the Super League but whether it will be done in one season or not depends on the quality of the squad.

 "I cannot make any predictions right now as I have yet to see the players that are at my disposal and only after I have sorted out the players then I can see what is ahead of us." "But I can promise you I am not looking for a mid-table finish and I will make full use of my time including my 15-day leave to search for the right players for the team."

 He added that his philosophy is to instill the right attitude to the players and the team must stay as a unit like a close-knit family. "Everything is possible in a family. When a member makes a small mistake, someone will try to correct you and when you make a big mistake, the whole family will forgive you. "With a strong bond among the players, I am sure the team will get a good result and that will draw in the crowd."

 Milomir who spent five years playing for Sabah from 1993-1998 was given a one-year contract which started on July 15 and Gimbang said they are always ready to renew his contract extension if the team shows good progress. Also present at the signing ceremony were Vice President K.H.Tan, Secretary General Alijus Sipil, Executive Secretary Hasbullah Yahya, Women's unit head Datin Malianah Ugau and Junaidi Ahmad Fauz.

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